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Principal's Corner

New Outdoor Classroom Project at EES:
A perfect space is available and ready to be transformed for a new outdoor classroom at EES.  This space is located between the elementary and middle school buildings.  It will serve a variety of purposes.  An additional unstructured play area and board games will be housed in this garden space for students. Multiple raised flower beds will be built to raise vegetable and fruit producing plants, a butterfly habitat, and annual flowers.  A multisensory path will be painted through this garden area and extend to the concrete for students to use, and an updated lifecycle walk will be rejuvenated on the sidewalk.  An art center will be placed on the south wall of the concession stand, and targets will be painted on the east wall for wall-ball.  A weather station will be available, and an outdoor bulletin board will be hung for data collection and student learning.  Additional support items will be purchased to extend student learning.  
Students, teachers, and staff from both elementary and high school will participate in this construction over the course of the school year.  EES will also ask for additional volunteers to help with this project.  
Elementary students will be responsible for the maintenance of this classroom, harvesting of plants, and raising of butterflies.  It's exciting to plan this project and have an array of individuals to construct it.  Our fingers are crossed for the grants to be funded, so students can benefit from the variety of experiences this classroom can provide.  
All ideas, donations, and volunteer efforts are greatly appreciated!