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Elementary School

Welcome to Emerson Elementary!
Emerson Elementary has been named as a National Blue Ribbon School for 2022.

Teacher Spotlight


Mrs. Shannon Pyle

Total Years in Education: 24.5

At Emerson: 24.5

Grades taught at Emerson: Kindergarten,  1st 2nd, 4th

Biggest Educational Goal: Always be a better teacher than the year before and make a difference in every student’s life.

Greatest Educational Accomplishment: Teaching students to read!

Surprising Fact: Plays Super Mario on the Wii

Outside of School:  Spending time with family and friends and watching her girls play basketball

Mrs. Pyle is a veteran teacher at Emerson Elementary but is always willing to grow and learn. She is a true supporter and worker at EES and is the “tooth whisperer” when it comes to pulling teeth.  Mrs. Pyle loves her students unconditionally, makes them independent workers, and holds them accountable for learning. Thank you for setting the standard for an Emerson Pirate!

  • Limited visitors will be allowed in the building.  Please make an appointment.
  • All students who walk or ride in a car should not arrive to campus before 7:40; this is for the entire year.
  • K-2nd students can be dropped off in front of the cafeteria if needing to eat breakfast.  Those who do not need to eat breakfast can be dropped off in front of the elementary building.  Staff members will be available to assist students.
  • All 3rd-6th grade students can be dropped off by the sidewalk to the side of the cafeteria.  Students can then go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast or directly to their designated location on the playground. 
  • K-4th afternoon car riders can be picked up in front of the elementary building.
  • 5th and 6th grade car riders can be picked up in the cafeteria parking lot.  
  • Sibling groups with multiple-aged students from the elementary and middle school buildings can be picked up in the cafeteria parking lot. 
  • Parents/guardians, please stay in the car for the safety of all students and staff.  A staff member will walk the students to their car.
Contact Information:
508 West Main Street
Emerson, AR 71740
(870) 626-3306
Fax:  (870) 626-3313